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Jul 3, 2015
by Jean Gaumy
Magnum Photos invites you to enter the creative process of one of our leading photographers, Jean Gaumy, during an unique six-day workshop in his hometown of Fécamp, Normandy.

From 29 September to 4 October, when he will be poised to finish one of his current photographic projects on the high cliffs of Normandy, Jean Gaumy will guide a group of 9 serious photographers during an intensive daily program... More...
Featured Essays
Jul 2, 2015
by Chris Steele-Perkins
It is fair to say China has not generally had good press in the Western media. Blamed for everything from pollution to global warming; ivory trading to violating human rights, China is viewed with increasing interest, and increasing suspicion.

Hospices are not places one identifies with China, and most people, if asked, would probably have a negative image by reflex of large soulless state institutions.... More...
Featured Essays
Jul 2, 2015
by Patrick Zachmann
The car service Uber has been developing in cities from New York to New Delhi, even if facing threats and bans from regulators. The situation in Paris is trickier.
Patrick Zachmann was assigned by The New York Times Magazine to follow the special Paris law-enforcement brigade known as the Boers. More...
Magnum News
Jul 2, 2015
by Alex Webb
Charles Harbutt, a member of Magnum from 1963 to 1981, died at the end of June, 2015. A unique and remarkable photographer, he was president of Magnum twice — from 1970-1972 and 1976-1978 — and was an important presence in the agency for many years. Charlie was also a singular teacher — as well as an insightful and thought provoking writer on photography, as exhibited by the following texts, which... More...
Jul 2, 2015
by Steve McCurry
This retrospective is a collection of sublime portraits, landscapes, and street photography taken by Steve McCurry over the last 27 years. Children and shepherds, warriors and labourers are presented alongside striking views of sandstone cities, mountainous landscapes, and ancient temples. Included in the exhibition are several unpublished images as well as images taken during his most recent trips... More...
Jul 2, 2015
by Josef Koudelka
Between 1991 and 2015, Josef Koudelka visited twenty countries bordering the Mediterranean, stopping at over two hundred Greek and Roman archaeological sites. This was an unprecedented exploration which has not yet been completed – Koudelka keeps visiting archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and other Mediterranean countries – searching not for the... More...
Jul 1, 2015
by Thomas Dworzak
On a recent stop over in Hanoi Thomas Dworzak visited the place where Robert Capa, “embedded” with the French Army fighting the Viet Minh in the Red River delta area two hours east of Hanoi, then French Indochina, was killed, stepping on a mine in a rice paddy on May 25th 1954.

Click here to see Jose Manuel Serrano Esparza’s detailed exploration of Capa’s final hours in Vietnam.... More...