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Mar 3, 2015
by Gueorgui Pinkhassov
A Fresh Look at Urban Mobility - Un nouveau regard sur la mobilité urbaine

"Transport is my element. As far back as I can remember, and even before that perhaps, I seemed to hear the sound of wheels.
For me transport is a symbol of freedom and change, and it's impossible to imagine my job without it.
Every station, every stop, every second sees the banal and the exceptional come together.
We move... More...
Featured Essays
Mar 2, 2015
by Jerome Sessini
Exactly a year after the bloody events of February 20th 2014, I returned to Kiev. Thanks to my friends, photographers Volodymyr and Mikhael, and also to my notebook, I found four of the people I photographed last year holding the last barricade on Institutska street.
This avenue beginning from the Independence Square and leading to the Ukrainian parliament, has become the symbol of the revolt of Maidan,... More...
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Feb 23, 2015
by Raymond Depardon
"At the age of twenty-two I was sent to Saigon to cover the war as a photojournalist. I was too late for Indochina, and too early for Vietnam. Muggers robbed me on my arrival, and I lived in a small hotel by the river. I drove towards the front in an old Citroën. I think I was happy. I returned some years later. It was for another war, and the famous reporters had left. The streets were full of GIs... More...
From the Archive
Feb 23, 2015
American swing and bebop trumpeter Clark Terry passed away today. (21 February, 2015.) Born on 14 December 1920, he played with Count Basie (1948–1951), Duke Ellington (1951–1959) and Quincy Jones (1960). He is among the most recorded of jazz musicians.

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From the Archive
Feb 20, 2015
by Magnum Photographers
February 21st marks 50 years since Malcolm X was gunned down in New York.

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From the Archive
Feb 18, 2015
by W. Eugene Smith
February 19th marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the intense and bloody Battle of Iwo Jima.

Click here to see more of W. Eugene Smith's photos of the final months of WWII in the Pacific. More...
Feb 18, 2015
by John Vink
Carnival has hit the cobblestones of the ‘Région du Centre’, a string of small cities like La Louvière, Morlanwelz, Haine-Saint Pierre, located in a former industrial area between Mons and Namur in Belgium. Several of those cities boast the presence of ‘Gilles’ during the Mardi Gras celebrations but the one and only genuine ‘Gille’ is the one from the city of Binche. Nowhere else is the ‘Gille’ more... More...