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John Vink
Belgian, b. 1948
Personal website here.
Dec 27, 2013
More and more factory workers seem to join the protest. Now 'Hun Sen must go' is heard less than 'We want 160$'.

A group of a couple of thousand workers on their way to Freedom Place blocked Russian Boulevard at the Ministry of Labour to demand a salary rise of 80$.
The roadblock in front of the Ministry of Labour was kept all through the day.

Another roadblock, in front of the Special Economic Zone... More...
Dec 26, 2013
The 8-day protest by the opposition CNRP with daily marches through the streets of Phnom Penh to demand Prime Minister Hun Sen resign following the July 2013 elections the CNRP claims to have won, seem to roll on now that an unfortunate announcement by the government of a salary rise of 15 $ instead of an expected 80$ has sent the garment factory workers in a strike. And the protests might last for... More...
Dec 25, 2013
The announcement by the Cambodian government of a 15$ rise, bringing the salaries of factory workers to 95$ instead of the expected 160$/ month, has stirred a fair amount of discontent amongst the workers, inciting many to start striking. The 400,000 workers being in fact the only potentially coherent opposition force thanks to the existence of worker's unions, surely will provide the CNRP with a wave... More...
Dec 24, 2013
Cambodia might be on the eve of some big changes.

Protests are popping all over the place and it becomes increasingly difficult to cover all of them. While the opposition CNRP held yet another motorcade in Phnom Penh with the continuous demand that Prime Minister Hun Sen step down, a group of monks from the Independent Monks Network blocked Monivong Boulevard in front of the Municipality to demand... More...
Dec 24, 2013
If sunday's march (see HERE) was the bigger picture, yesterday it was back to the smaller picture… Former Boeung Kak lake residents were protesting in front of the Municipality, supported by a delegation of human rights activist buddhist monks, members of the Independent Monks Network.

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The Boeung Kak lake saga photographs are HERE and HERE.... More...