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John Vink
Belgian, b. 1948
Personal website here.
Jan 24, 2015
The July 2013 legislative elections in Cambodia, which saw a major shift of votes in favour of the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP), were followed by a political deadlock, the CNRP refusing to take its seats at the National Assembly unless significant reforms for the next elections were agreed upon by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). All through the second half of 2013, the... More...
Jan 8, 2015
Following the targeting of the satirical weekly 'Charlie Hebdo' by three armed men and the assassination of 12 people in Paris, the French community of Phnom Penh, joined by many others, gathered (where else?) at the bar of the 'Institut Français' to pay respect to freedom of speech. More...
Dec 26, 2014
Contains graphic content.

On Dec. 26th 2004 a magnitude 9 earthquake off the Sumatra coast triggered a tsunami wave which thoroughly destroyed the coastline of many countries bordering the Indian Ocean. Indonesia’s Sumatra, and in particular its politically troubled Aceh province, was hit hardest of all with an estimated 160,000 dead, 1 out of 9 people homeless and a completely disrupted coastline... More...
Dec 22, 2014
Here is part of my contribution about ‘Hearths of Resistance’ in the ‘Asia Express’ section of 'Brugge Foto 14'.

‘Hearths of Resistance’ is an ongoing project about the erosion of human and democratic rights in Cambodia.

Brugge Foto 14: more than 50 photographers exhibit in 9 different locations in Brugge (yes, Belgium). From December 19th until January 4th.

http://www.bruggefoto.be... More...
Dec 21, 2014
Nicolae Ceaucescu, Romania's delusional dictator, held a last, surreal speach in front of a less than enthusiasic crowd on December 21st 1989, 25 years ago. A few days later he and his wife would be executed and his dicatorship come to a bloody end. It was the last in a string of shattering events, which started in 1986 with the 'perestroïka' (HERE) and culminated in 1989 with the fall of the Iron... More...