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Stuart Franklin
British, b. 1956
This retrospective is a collection of sublime portraits, landscapes, and street photography taken by Steve McCurry over the last 27 years. Children and shepherds, warriors and labourers are presented alongside striking views of sandstone cities, mountainous landscapes, and ancient temples. Included in the exhibition are several unpublished images as well as images taken during his most recent trip Read full story
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Jul 30, 2015
Last year Stuart Franklin documented the plight of migrants camped near Calais desperate to make the crossing into England by smuggling themselves across on some of the thousands of trucks that make the journey every day. Shortly after, the French government announced that they would transform a children's centre in Calais into a refuge for migrants, provoking concern that it will become "the new Sangatte."
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Jun 22, 2015
London. June 20th 2015. Anti-Austerity March. Between 70,000 and 150,000 marched from the city’s financial district to Parliament Square. In the financial district the crowd were addressed by Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigade’s Union and Owen Jones, a Guardian newspaper columnist. Wrack railed against cuts in public services. Jones saw the march as “not an end but a beginning.” He emphasized:... More...
Jun 9, 2015
This initiative aims to promote gender equality and eliminate disparities in access to primary and secondary education.
The project will raise awareness on women and girls’ rights among communities, schools, families and institutions and promote their socio-economic empowerment. More...
May 28, 2015
We are excited to announce the details of the Magnum Intensive Documentary Photography Course: in association with London College of Communication, which will run over the month of August in London, led by Magnum photographers Mark Power and Stuart Franklin.

Magnum Photos is an agency synonymous with integrity, curiosity and ‘concerned’ photography. For over sixty years, Magnum’s international photographers... More...
Jun 5, 2014
Photo © Stuart Franklin/Magnum Photos

"Silent vigil yesterday outside the Chinese embassy in The Hague to mark the 25th anniversary of #Tiananmen89 with echoes of the man who defied a row of tanks leaving Tiananmen Square during the morning of 5th June. Twenty-five roses were tied to barricades outside the embassy. The vigil was organized by Amnesty International, who have led the protest over the... More...