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Stuart Franklin
British, b. 1956
Sep 9, 2013
I hadn't visited Visa pour l'Image for about 10 years. It's impressive: a tribute to the dedication of Jean-François Leroy to keep the thing going - the 'thing' being an impassioned rebuke at the world at large for not taking seriously or publishing the many great images that are taken by committed photojournalists each year. Photographs that could, Jean-François would argue, make a difference if only... More...
Apr 16, 2013
Here I am again with the perennial problem of closure. You get started on a project, find a publisher, watch the pages come off the press, and then - guess what - you go back and carry on shooting. On the same project!! This has happened at least twice to me before. I published "The Time of Trees" in 1999 and am still working on this book, even last week. I published "Hotel Afrique" in 2007 and am... More...
Jan 25, 2013
Britain in the process of freezing itself out of Europe.

This was photographed two days ago in Cobham, Surrey as the snow started to thaw outside a garden cafe. More...