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Chris Steele-Perkins
British, b. Burma 1947
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Jul 2, 2015
It is fair to say China has not generally had good press in the Western media. Blamed for everything from pollution to global warming; ivory trading to violating human rights, China is viewed with increasing interest, and increasing suspicion.

Hospices are not places one identifies with China, and most people, if asked, would probably have a negative image by reflex of large soulless state institutions.... More...
Jun 17, 2015
Following the recent tragedy in China where four abandoned children appeared to have committed suicide, Chris Steele-Perkins takes a look at the importance of the family, and the shifting nature of rural communities.

China is going through a rapid process of urbanization and as a result the family structure and traditional role of responsibility for children is changing. Modernity is largely embracing... More...
Mar 9, 2015
Join us in the Saloon at Holkham Hall on the 15th April for a talk and presentation by Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins. Chris will be describing how over a period of twelve months he worked to capture in the unique, behind-the-scenes, photographic style he is renowned for, the full range of life on Holkham Estate, a great English country estate in North Norfolk. This is the subject of his... More...
May 6, 2013
Finally, Chris Steele-Perkins' book - England, My England - gets proper North American distribution.

Here is a small sample from the 40 years of work crammed into the book. Now you can go out and buy it.

Some Reviews

"The English at work and at play over the last four decades. By turns gritty and evocative, it is a book one imagines that Orwell would have liked very much."
- The Guardian, Photobooks... More...
Apr 16, 2013
For a long time many people did not go to Burma because they did not want to seem to support the military dictatorship that has controlled Burma for decades. Now, since the elected leader of the country, Aung San Suu Kyi has been freed from her long house arrest imposed by the military, and now takes her place in parliament, and since Aung San Suu Kyi has said she supports independent tourism, and... More...