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Mar 28 - Apr 1 2015.
Directed by a trio of Magnum’s new generation, Alex Majoli, Thomas Dworzak and Christopher Anderson, this new workshop will offer a unique and intensive photography experience in the great city of Rio de Janeiro. Launched in collaboration with the Renowned Brazilian school of Photography “Escola De Imagem”, the workshop will take place inside the school.

From March 28th to April 1st 2015, Alex, Thomas and Christopher...View details
Oct 29 - Mar 2 2015.
Colour appeared in Raymond Depardon's first photographs from the very start. He was only sixteen. Since then, colour has been part of the highlights of his career: the years discovering photography, the first trips to Africa, the great reportages, then recently this "sweet moment" which gives the exhibition its title. The exhibition presents about 160 colour photographs, most unpublished. Taking colour......
Dec 5 - Mar 1 2015.
The show is featuring the exhibitons “Landscape”, “Portraits” and “Images d’après Nature".

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Dec 7 - May 3 2015.
Between 1991 and 2014, Josef Koudelka visited twenty countries bordering the Mediterranean, stopping at over two hundred Greek and Roman archaeological sites. This was an unprecedented exploration which has not yet been completed – Koudelka keeps visiting archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and other Mediterranean countries – searching not for the......
Dec 12 - Mar 28 2015.
For 80 years the photographers of Magnum Photos - Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Riboud, Parr, Depardon… - have presented their view of the metamorphoses of Paris and its inhabitants. A sensitive and challenging testimony, presented through 150 shots, at Paris City Hall from 12th December 2014 to 28th March 2015. As witnesses to their times, the photojournalists of Magnum Photos immortalise eighty years of......
Jan 9 - Mar 9 2015.
A penchant for the vagabond’s life, a profound desire to be in the world and in the purity of the act led Sergio Larrain to become a photographer. Nevertheless, Larrain spent the greatest part of his existence in seclusion, practicing meditation, yoga, writing and drawing. He has left a brilliant body of work behind, like a meteorite whose trajectory he had the wisdom to interrupt when it no longer......
Jan 17 - Apr 19 2015.
John Steinbeck once wrote that his friend Robert Capa knew that "you cannot photograph war, because it is largely an emotion." However, continued Steinbeck, "he did photograph that emotion by shooting beside it. He could show the horror of a whole people in the face of a child." This exhibition shows a selection of Robert Capa's photographs about World War II.

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