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In Love (With) Magnum: Postcards
Magnum Photographers
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Format: Postcards
Size: 6x4 inch
Publisher: Magnum Photos
Love and art are sometimes thought of as kindred concepts -- maybe because one is so often the inspirational spark for the other -- so it's no surprise that the Magnum archive is chockfull of images that capture moments of love. "In Love (With) Magnum" is a collection of ten postcards that explores the universal idea of love from a variety of thematic angles and in a mix of locations. From Elliott Erwitt's iconic photo of a romantic kiss on the California coast to Christopher Anderson's shot of a young couple's shadow in front of the Eiffel Tower, the romance is palpable, making this item the perfect gift for someone you love, someone who loves photography, or, even better, someone who fits both criteria.