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In the Camps
Erich Hartmann

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Most photographic exhibitions are celebrations of a photographer's work and achievements. This exhibition celebrates neither. It is an attempt to recall in photographs some of the scenes of bitter events in Germany and occupied Europe from 1933 to 1945, an era that is now fifty years in the past but remains vivid to those who had to endure them and survived, and to remember the destruction of millions of innocent victims of a rage of hatred and killing without parallel in history.

At the same time this exhibition is meant to be a reminder that the concentration camps were conceived and operated by men and women who had allowed themselves to become so dehumanized that without complaint or refusal commited unspeakable crimes against other human beings on a scale that still defies the imagination.

"In the presence of such tragedy I felt that all I could do was to let the physcial remains of the camps speak for themselves. In the screaming silence they testify not only to an evil that ist not to be forgotten, but to recall also that the terrible things that happened there and then were not an isolated event, that since that time, in many different regions of the world, similar crimes have been and are being commited - and that what is being done to those victims is, in the long run, being done to every human being on Earth, to you and to me!"