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Larry Towell Cowboys & Indians Calendar
Larry Towell

$ 22.00

Format: Wall Calendar
Size: 12x12
Publisher: Magnum Photos
Magnum Photos is thrilled to present a unique, limited-edition calendar, drawing on never-before-seen work by Larry Towell, that focuses on current manifestations of the twin American frontier myths: the cowboy and the Native American.

Larry’s Towell’s “Cowboys & Indians” Calendar is a 13-month calendar lavishly illustrated with photographs drawn from an independent Magnum-funded project – part of its Looking For America series -- shot by the renowned photographer on America’s Great Plains in August 2012.

For this calendar, Larry incorporated this iconic work into a one-of-a-kind cultural artifact that reflects the past and present of the great American frontier. Drawing in part from Larry’s own rural background, his calendar has been designed with the classic, Americana feel of a giveaway calendar from a ramshackle small-town general store – Larry’s General Store.

Larry’s General Store’s Cowboys and Indians calendar, at turns whimsical and deeply moving, is designed around sixteen diptych images Larry created specifically for it. Each of these images juxtapose black-and-white analog panoramas work with color digital work, all of which was drawn from this project. The occasions commemorated on the calendar pages reflect the themes of Towell’s work, as well as his wit, which is why key dates in Palestinian and native American and cowboy history appear near believe-it-or-not holidays like National Handshake Day, alongside quotes from the likes of county music pioneer Jimmie Rodgers and Sitting Bull.

As a special bonus, the calendar also includes Larry’s “Rhythms of the Range” CD, an evocative 32-minute sound collage composed entirely from found sounds and field recordings collected on this road trip. The calendar also includes a select listing of rodeos and powwows in 2013, as well as a more somber annotation of key battles in the “Indian Wars” of the 19th Century.

Those interested in further information about Larry’s General Store may visit Please be advised, though, that, as the calendar states, gas, groceries, hardware and horse tack are all currently out of stock.

The calendar is printed in an edition of 1000.