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THE MAGAZINE (based on a true story)
David Alan Harvey

$ 36.00

Format: Magazine
Size: 15×11 inches
Publisher: BurnBooks(2013)
David Alan Harvey's limited-edition "photo novella," (based on a true story) sold out quickly. The unique publication -- a visual labyrinth of fact and fiction, sex and passion, danger and fun -- garnered accolades and attention from various members of the photo world, and won several awards, including POYi "Best Photography Book" honors.

Now comes the (based on a true story) magazine, a product Harvey and his BurnBooks team printed in hopes of making the experience of the book available to many of the characters that served as his photo subjects, and neighborhoods of Rio that served as his visual backdrop. After going back to Rio, and giving half of the entire print run of the magazine away to friends and strangers alike, Harvey is making the magazine available for purchase.

Printed on the same quality of paper as the book, this publication also captures the unique character of Rio, and is evocative of that signature energy that defines and shapes the city. But this large format large magazine is, of course, a different experience than the (based on a true story) book; it's rawer, with images that sizzle and jump off the page.

Get it while it's hot.
This magazine is signed by David Alan Harvey.